189.5 at 0530. Pre coffee.


Thursday (a caged animal)

Sitting at work without a task. Waiting while the seconds tick away. Like my dog in his kennel. A thousand productive things I could be accomplishing, yet none of them approved for work and yet no work to do. I’ll just sit here and wait for the clock like my dog waits for two taps on his haunch and a command for his master. Traffic. Another barrier to success. A daily struggle. Getting to the gym feels good, but the frustration is still there. On the way home a quick conversation with a pal with a positive mental attitude and everything changes. Plans are made. It will be cold. Dawn’s air will sting the pits of our lungs, but there will be coffee. When there’s coffee and a positive mental attitude everything else will work itself out. Some time in the wilderness with canines won’t hurt the situation either.

30 minutes grunt work:

  • 100m sled drag 180lb (forward facing the entire time, focus on flute activation)
  • 100m KB racked carry 44lb each (a major mental challenge to not put them down)
  • Single arm rows 44lb (used a bench for horizontal back position and focused on constant tension controlled movement)
  • 1 min AD (used this as the rest portion, ~50rpm through all sets)

Rolled through the movements 5 times with an extra sled drag finishing at the buzzer. I then picked up the KB’s for one more 100m carry in overtime. Tough decision to make and I wanted to put them down the whole time.


This is not for the gymnasium. It’s to melt your brain. Sturgill Simpson has been high up on my list for the last year and a half or so, but this shit is OVER. THE. TOP.

Wednesday Oly (or Cheers, where everybody knows your name)

Halted power cleans 5×2 145-165-185-185-185. Felt pretty good to turnover a barbell. I think I need to be faster, but then again power cleans ain’t got the time available in the drop to get under. Maybe I need to fire my glutes and my turnover is fast enough.

Chained front squats 5×2 155-165-185-185-185. Once again felt ok under the bar. LM gave me a tip on getting the bar up into my neck to prevent getting dragged forward by the bar snd staying more upright outta the hole. Good tip LM, the last set felt best.

C1. Hurdle hops x2 4 rounds

C2. Deadman walkabout. 35lb

C3. Partnered leg drops

I mentioned the other day that it was nice to have the gymnasium to myself. To blast Red Fang and get into the zone. Well tonight was like walking into Cheers, but with less beer. Damn it felt nice to shoot the shit and joke around with the gang. Yell at eachother a bit and offer and recieve some pointers. Smart Ryan slayed the hurdle hops. Ray and I chatted about new endeavors. LM, Courtney (? Fuck I’m terrible with names) and I partnered up on a rack and swapped plates and jokes. Kurt kept the whole thing lively and likely gave us all his strep throat. Felt. Damn. Good.

Saturday (Feels like home again)


First workout after working a shift. Felt good to have some solitude in the gymnasium. I need to find a standardized ten minute warmup. I spend to much time screwing around trying to figure out what to do and not enough time doing. I did a muscle up after the warmup. Just to tell myself I can. I felt weak on the bench. 165 was a struggle and I didn’t think 170 was in the cards, especially w/o a spot. I rested one minute and then got into the pushups. 22 honest pushups and 1 bullshit pushup at the buzzer. Curls were all over the place 75-45-55-45 and pull downs on blue band felt too easy. Worked through the row/stepup at a healthy pace. 2minute splits on the rower and constant movement on the platform. I found the zone and stayed there.



Listen to this to maximize gymnasium efficiency…

Thursday (feeling better)

“If America could be, once again, a nation of self-reliant farmers, craftsmen, hunters, ranchers, and artists, then the rich would have little power to dominate others. Neither to serve nor to rule: That was the American dream.”

-Edward Abbey




Felt much better in the gymnasium today. I reckon a couple nights of 8 hours sleep can make a difference. I also took a walk with a shotgun yesterday morning and that usually helps to put things perpendicular.


A. and B. Pulling stuff: 45lb single. Felt good. Went to 53lb and lost it at my nose. 7 singles after. Feels like low numbers compared to the past, but I won’t complain. My shoulders didn’t feel like they were going to fall apart on the pulls. I stretched w/pvc (over and back/around the world) and things are still touchy. Definitely an amount of pain in certain points through the movement, but it’s like a 2 or a 3. Just to let me know they aren’t totally well.

C. Rolled through it nice and easy. I think I walked too far for the farmers carries, oh well. 20 minutes of constant movement at just faster than conversation pace. Chatted with Ali-gator about things and life on the carries and that felt good. Pushed a little more effort on the AD and focused on not putting things down on the carries. Fact: LeBron Jamesing the shit outta the chalk helps reduce arm fatigue.

Left the gymnasium feeling good. Like leaving the gymnasium should feel. Oh calf is still a bit sore, but much improved from Tuesday. Ali said to foam roll. I should listen.


What happened to Monday? (or welcome home)

I’ll tell you what happened. Insomnia.

Lately shaking off nightshifts and getting back on a daytime schedule has been near impossible. Also, the sugar/carbohydrate cravings on nightshift are intensity in ten cities. Seriously, I don’t even want to look at a chunk of flesh, I just want cake and ice cream and fresh chips and salsa from Food City (ya, you know the ones). I try to fight it, but I also don’t uptake anything of substance because I just don’t have a normal appetite. This and no sleep and no motivation meant there’s no way I was going to be productive in the gymnasium yesterday so I bailed. Went to bed at 9pm only to wake up wide eyed at 1am. Never got back to sleep. Tonights session proved less than optimal. Fingers crossed, tonight is the night. I’ll shoot a shotgun tomorrow and perhaps find out how to hike in an urban environment, even though it’s a completely foreign idea. LM gave to me some advice on avoiding people in urban nature. I hope it holds true.

Monday’s workout (completed on tuesday)

  1. Warmup, I actually forgot how to do this. Seriously, It’s been so long since I’ve been self sufficient in the gymnasium that I just stood there and thought “warmup? what the fuck am I going to do for a warmup?” So I ran and then did DU’s and pulled something in my left calf whilst DUing and decided perhaps some sort of aquatic aerobics with the rest of the geriatrics is perhaps where I belong. It was a reminder that perhaps I used to operate like a normal human, but this hiatus may have morphed me into today’s typical human shaped object. You know, looks like a human, imitates a human, but doesn’t actually move or function like a real human should. I told myself I’d get through the workout and ice my calf after. Whelp, here it is and I’ve finished my workout, gone to get dog food, consumed some food myself and now I’m holding a tiny human and typing away. I swear I’ll get to it.
  2. Squats: See above comments on human shaped object. I did 4 sets 135-1885-195-205. I just didn’t see myself putting up anything more. I think this is a low estimate of a 5rm. No fuel in the tank and a zero on the motivation meter.
  3. Press: More of the same. 95-105-blew it at 115 on rep 5. Utter disappointment. The silver lining is that my shoulders didn’t feel like they were going to explode. They didn’t feel 100% either, perhaps it’s back to aquaerobics for yours truly.
  4. Cardio portion: I bailed on the run due to calf not feeling like an impact movement was a solid plan. So, I turned the AD up to 45 cal and the row up to 750. Utter misery. I figured I wouldn’t push it and just roll through at what would normally be conversation pace. That turned out to be huffing and puffing pace. I tried to get in the zone and had trouble. I finally found my unhappy happy place at the end of the second AD and carried it through into the second row. Then I lost it back on the AD and I couldn’t get it back. I finished the third AD and then bailed on the last row. Just. Not. Feeling. It. Perhaps after some much needed sleep (fingers crossed) things will look brighter tomorrow.


You wanted video of squat and press. Well, I ain’t that advanced yet, but it went something like this…

Week of 3/14/16

Monday 3/14

10 min warmup

A. Squat: 5 sets to find 5RM (post video)

B. Press: 5 sets to find 5RM (post video)

C. 3 rounds: 500M row, 400m run, AD 30cal

Wednesday 3/16


Thursday 3/17

10 min warmup

A. Weighted pull-up (post video)

B. Strict pull up ARAP

C. 20 min: farmers carry 100m w/ 1.5 pood each hand, AD 15cal

Saturday 3/19

10 min warmup

A. Bench press: 5 sets to find 5RM

B. Pushups: 1 min AMRAP

B1. BB bicep curls: 4 rounds x12, rest 1 min

B2. Banded triceps push down: x12, rest 1 min

C. 4 rounds 400m run, 40 DU