Wednesday Oly (or Cheers, where everybody knows your name)

Halted power cleans 5×2 145-165-185-185-185. Felt pretty good to turnover a barbell. I think I need to be faster, but then again power cleans ain’t got the time available in the drop to get under. Maybe I need to fire my glutes and my turnover is fast enough.

Chained front squats 5×2 155-165-185-185-185. Once again felt ok under the bar. LM gave me a tip on getting the bar up into my neck to prevent getting dragged forward by the bar snd staying more upright outta the hole. Good tip LM, the last set felt best.

C1. Hurdle hops x2 4 rounds

C2. Deadman walkabout. 35lb

C3. Partnered leg drops

I mentioned the other day that it was nice to have the gymnasium to myself. To blast Red Fang and get into the zone. Well tonight was like walking into Cheers, but with less beer. Damn it felt nice to shoot the shit and joke around with the gang. Yell at eachother a bit and offer and recieve some pointers. Smart Ryan slayed the hurdle hops. Ray and I chatted about new endeavors. LM, Courtney (? Fuck I’m terrible with names) and I partnered up on a rack and swapped plates and jokes. Kurt kept the whole thing lively and likely gave us all his strep throat. Felt. Damn. Good.


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