Thursday (a caged animal)

Sitting at work without a task. Waiting while the seconds tick away. Like my dog in his kennel. A thousand productive things I could be accomplishing, yet none of them approved for work and yet no work to do. I’ll just sit here and wait for the clock like my dog waits for two taps on his haunch and a command for his master. Traffic. Another barrier to success. A daily struggle. Getting to the gym feels good, but the frustration is still there. On the way home a quick conversation with a pal with a positive mental attitude and everything changes. Plans are made. It will be cold. Dawn’s air will sting the pits of our lungs, but there will be coffee. When there’s coffee and a positive mental attitude everything else will work itself out. Some time in the wilderness with canines won’t hurt the situation either.

30 minutes grunt work:

  • 100m sled drag 180lb (forward facing the entire time, focus on flute activation)
  • 100m KB racked carry 44lb each (a major mental challenge to not put them down)
  • Single arm rows 44lb (used a bench for horizontal back position and focused on constant tension controlled movement)
  • 1 min AD (used this as the rest portion, ~50rpm through all sets)

Rolled through the movements 5 times with an extra sled drag finishing at the buzzer. I then picked up the KB’s for one more 100m carry in overtime. Tough decision to make and I wanted to put them down the whole time.


This is not for the gymnasium. It’s to melt your brain. Sturgill Simpson has been high up on my list for the last year and a half or so, but this shit is OVER. THE. TOP.


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