4/29 the start of a 72 hour week

Long, physically, day at work today. The start of 6 12’s. I just tried to cruise through it tonight.

A. Squats 4 sets 5 reps all at 185lb. Rest 3 min between sets.

B. AD 20 cal followed by 10 pullups x4 rounds. (Pullups were tough out of the gate. 5s round one and singles at the end of round four)

C. Banded dedbugs x20 four sets of fun.



4/28 a walk and some arrows

Momma bear, baby and I went north of town to take a walk around the desert. She packed a baby and I had a 60lb pack. I should get a watch and start timing these things to see if there’s measurable improvement. I went to the range to shoot some arrows after. Worked on holding full draw for a while before releasing. I really should enter this age of technology and buy a wristwatch so I can tell when two minutes is up. Winds were howling and I stuck to 30yds.

Cure for hangovers

country music and cheap beer is a good way to take a coupla days off. One night to get drunk and the next to catch up on sleep missed the night before. Momma bear fixed up the hangover cure before sending me out the door on wednesday morning. One glass of emergenC to wash down a small handful of vitamin I. Followed by one pot of black coffee and you’ll find yourself hangover free.

Catching up 4/25

So I’m a bit behind on entries. Monday night was

A. 10 mins of work @ 85% intensity
Row X 300m
Box step ups X 10 total steps
10 walls ball
rest 3 mins

B. 10 mins of work @ 85% intensity
Incline bench press X 5 @ 135#
Chin ups X 5
AD X 10 cals
rest 3 mins

C. 10 mins of work
Alternating TGU – these are really good for ya

these 10 minute work sessions feel pretty good. I took notes on how many rounds of each I completed, but I’ve misplaced those notes.

Fight night 4/23

Well I forgot that the fight was to be broadcast at the gymnasium on Saturday until I pulled up and thought to myself, “self, that’s an awful lot of cars to be at the gym on a saturday evening.” Oh well, they were nice enough to let me crash their party and get a workout in.

I was a bit worn down after work and decided to just cruise through with less weight and focus on position, movement and glute activation.

Front squat 5 repsx4 sets. Rest 3 min 135-155-155-185

Zercher revers lunges. 10 reps each legx4 sets. Rest 1 min between legs. These bastards are tough after front squats, I found myself grimmacing after rep 5-7ish and had to remind myself to relax and think about something other than my elbows. 95lb

20 minutes row and AD alternating every 4 minutes. I put the machines behind the folks watching the fight. Perspective was good, I figured grinding out a bit of time on a bike/rower was better than getting punched in the face for five minutes at a time.

All in all this workout was a grinder and I don’t think I left the gym until 2045, which is late for me on a worknight.

Earth Day

Aldo Leopold said: “Harmony with land is like harmony with a friend; you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left.”

I can’t think of a better way to sum up what’s wrong with our current relationship with our resources.

My buddy KC said yesterday, in simpler terms: “This place is pretty cool. Let’s stop fucking it up.”

Day before earth day I had an all day conference with folks from field biologists to forest ecologists. It was a good prelude to earth day and gave me just a glimmer of hope that there may be just enough folks that give a shit to keep this rock spinning for another generation or two.

On earth day proper I spent the morning with capt. Beefheart flingung sticks and hiking with heavy packs. I saw bees polinating mesquite trees and the first cactus blooms of spring. It was a good day. We did our 5k hike in 1hr 3min. Me with 50lb in my new pack and capt. Beefheart with an unknown quantity in a vest.

Aldo Leopold also said in A Sand County Almanac: “We abuse land because we see it as a commodity belonging to us. When we see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

That said, let’s quit disrespecting what little nature we have left.

4/19 wednesday oly on tuesday


I do love a good barbell complex. I wonder if it’s because I like order and orderly things. Barbells are orderly, there’s no two ways about it. There’s a handle. There’s symmetry. There’s measured, repeatable weight. Your hands go in the same place every. single. time. I also like the disorder and chaos of an unkown load that has no handles. A barbell is practical in practice only. An odd object is practical in the real world. Just because I can deadlift 400lb does not mean I can lift my sub-400lb motorbike. Alas, I do still love a good barbell complex.

A. 135-155-155-185

B. 225 with red band

C. I’m just glad the rubberbands don’t break and face whip me.