Catching up (back to the retirement home, almost)

Saturday 3/26

Shed hunting up north. Covered 7.5 miles at 8-8.5k ft. Felt good moving around above 8k and didn’t get super winded on steep climbs. That’s the good. Then the bad, while crossing through a small canyon I took a slip and wrenched my left leg re-aggrivating (read: super aggrivating) my pulled/strained/whatever calf muscle/tendon/whatever. Luckily we were probably between .5-.75 miles from the truck and the limp back was do-able. The good news is I was with a homie whose one of the most uplifting dudes and has a mega positive mental attitude. It kept me out of utter disappointment in my body. We then ate some huge sandwiches and went our separate ways. It was a good day.

More good news is that the doctor was in town and called me on my way back to the city. We met up for beers that night. She diagnosed me with strained peroneus longus and told me no bullshitting for the next 4-6 weeks. I’m taking that as no jumping, running, or other impact things for that time period. I still have to work and that involves 4-10 miles a day, so I’m still going to the gym to lift and pull and drag. Also, RKW was at beers that night and I see him less frequently than I see the doctor. He’s still funny and that’s comforting.

Friday 4/1

Did some dips 5×5 and lunges 5×8 with a minute rest in betwixt. The first three sets were fine, that last two were all broken up and the final dip a thing of pity. I’d have put me out of my own damned misery had I been forced to witness it. Others bore witness and I apologize to their now sore eyes. The airdyne, kettle swing, lunge sequence felt real good. I kept the A/D at 50 rpm and moved swiftly through the movements. 30 min well spent.

Sunday 4/3

The wife and child and I walked around the Outdoor Expo and did some major people watching. It was good.

Monday 4/4

35 min grunt werk. Zercher at 75lb, farmer’s at 53lb each, 1 min airdyne, and subbed out the sandbag run for 100m sled drag. Avoiding impact, especially under load. My leg feels 100%, but Ima listen to the good Dr. and she explained how her sister had a similar injury, went skiing and proceeded to blow her leg for real. Since I pulled the run I pushed it on the airdyne. 75lb felt fine/easy for the zerchers, but damn uncomfortable on the arms.


because you need it…

<p><a href=”″>Sure</a&gt; from <a href=”″>John Wilson</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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