Stick to the plan

If you know you can’t remember folks names, just stick to the plan. You know, the usual. Dude, chief, pal, guy, sport, brah/bro/bruh (actually NEVER. FUCKING. ACCEPTABLE. Unless of course you are actually that person’s brother). Whatever you like, but do not, I repeat do not shoot from the fucking hip on guessing someone’s name. Sure, you’ve been introduced, you may even know each other quite well, but if you constantly blow it with names you’ll only get the first letter right and look like a complete dick when you call Gabe Gilbert. Yup, I blew it. Like I said, just stick to the plan.

As for todays work….

Back squat 5×5. Did it at a measly 185lb and worked through it feeling good enough about depth and form.

Three sets of racked KB (35lb each arm) lunges for 20 steps, one trip up the rope and 8 ring dips. This is where everything fell apart. The lunges felt like a ton of bricks, I felt like John Welbourn was holding my waistband on my way up the rope and the dips were singles from the start. I don’t know if it was in my head and I was being a pansy or it was physical exhaustion, but the excuses started coming. “you only got four hours sleep the last two nights” “you didn’t eat enough at lunch” “you’ve just had a physically demanding 12 hr shift” Then I snapped myself out of super bummer mode and racked the KBs for round two. Short of breath at the tenth lunge and put the bells down at the 18th. Put some wind back in my lungs and finished 19 and 20. Grabbed the rope and headed up. Halfway there I thought about how it would feel crashing to the floor and quickly put my feet back on it. I decided planked rope lowers and raises were a safer option at the junction. Back to singles on the dips. At this point in time I figured I might as well just trudge along to the end. Broke up the lunges in three groups, planked the rope for 3 downs and ups and struggled my way through the last 8 dips.

Tomorrow will be a rest day.


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