This is all for a reason

It’s an interesting thought, going to the gym. Why do folks feel the need to “get in shape”? What does that mean “get in shape”? What have we become that our culture dictates we will go to a designated location and run on a stationary treadmill staring at a wall? Riding a fixed bike getting no closer to that same wall? or god help us making some unnatural upright swimming motion on this thing called an elliptical? We lift weighted bars and throw weighted balls. Jump on boxes and pull ourselves to a chin-up bar. But why? This phenomenon has only become popularized in recent decades. Maybe since the depression. Before that if you performed feats of strength you were likely a freak in the circus or were some sort of competitive athlete. The military trains for battle and warriors have been doing that for it seems like all of history. What about the rest of us? Why do you need to work out if you work in an office, don’t go to war (and honestly how much modern combat is close quarters or hand to hand?), and don’t compete in sport? Is it vanity? To attract the bitches/bros?

My reason is moving fast at high elevation with a load. My day to day activity doesn’t keep me in the correct form to move a load in thin air. Function plane and simple. There are plenty of folks talking about and training for UL backpacking, but that is typically purely endurance training with the smallest load possible on established trails. My needs are different. Sticking to hills and canyons. Chasing birds, trout and big game in high elevation and alpine environments. All three of those activities require some sort of additional gear and typically don’t follow a trail. The ability to traverse that steep terrain with a load in a fast efficient manner is worlds apart from moving on a trail with the 15lb UL pack of a through hiker. The balance of endurance and power.

3/7 Workout

A1. Single arm DB press 4×8 at 35lb

A2. Close grip chins x5 rest 2min

B. 4 sets: 200m sandbag carry 70lb, 300m row, 20 cal AD


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