Fight night 4/23

Well I forgot that the fight was to be broadcast at the gymnasium on Saturday until I pulled up and thought to myself, “self, that’s an awful lot of cars to be at the gym on a saturday evening.” Oh well, they were nice enough to let me crash their party and get a workout in.

I was a bit worn down after work and decided to just cruise through with less weight and focus on position, movement and glute activation.

Front squat 5 repsx4 sets. Rest 3 min 135-155-155-185

Zercher revers lunges. 10 reps each legx4 sets. Rest 1 min between legs. These bastards are tough after front squats, I found myself grimmacing after rep 5-7ish and had to remind myself to relax and think about something other than my elbows. 95lb

20 minutes row and AD alternating every 4 minutes. I put the machines behind the folks watching the fight. Perspective was good, I figured grinding out a bit of time on a bike/rower was better than getting punched in the face for five minutes at a time.

All in all this workout was a grinder and I don’t think I left the gym until 2045, which is late for me on a worknight.

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