Momma, baby, dog and I went for a walk. No timer was used. Covered was 4.7 miles and total elevation change was 1200ish ft. No arrows were shot today, but I blasted a bunch at the archery range yesterday. Back to the soap mines tomorrow. Only five shifts this week.



Have you ever heard a song that stopped you dead in your tracks? The kind of song that makes you think everything you’ve listened to in the past has been some sorry attempt at music, but can’t hold a candle to what your ears have just witnessed? It could have more to do with your state of inebriation, or perhaps mental clarity or it may just happen to be where you are as a person and that song just strikes a chord inside you. The following is one of my “deade in yer tracks” songs…

As for the gymnasium today: 10 minute work blocks with 4 minutes of rest in betwixt. I really like this structure which may or may not be a good thing. If it’s an extremely effective interval for building core strength and endurance it’s a good thing because I find it easy to get into the zone and stay there. It may be a not good thing because I’m comfortable with it and it’s easy to get into the zone. Historically if we find ourselves in a comfortable position we progress very little. When we get uncomfortable shit starts changin’. If we can steer that change in a positive direction it’s called progress. Caveat, and this is damned important, CHANGE DOES NOT EQUAL PROGRESS. I’m not just talking about the gymnasium anymore, this is much bigger. Just because you’ve changed something doesn’t mean you’ve improved it. Quite the opposite usually. We must have positive changes, not just changes for the sake of changes. We must experiment on small scales to find out if there are net gains, not just shiny shit in the short term. I’m going to keep from going on a complete rant, but you get my drift. Change and progress aren’t the same and the future often lies in the past. Enough of that, back to my comfort zone…

A. 10 minutes of werk: Row 300m, 5 pushups, 10 kb swings 2pood

Rest 4 min

B. 10 minutes of business: 1 min jump rope, DB row x 5 ea side, air squat x 5, situp x 10

Rest 4 min

C. 10 minutes of submaximal effort: row 200m, box step ups x 5 ea side, KB dedbugs x 20 (35lb bell)

After the this week has been I just rolled through this and worked up a sweat. Wednesday will be a rest day.


People don’t like to admit that we want to be told what to do. Except for the wolves that want to set fire to the bullshit and howl! -Bill Smith

When I strolled into the gymnasium LM and Aligator were hanging out and working on mobility. They told me that you know someone is a real friend if they hug you when they are sweaty. This makes good sense, it shows that you’re comfortable with that friend knowing that you are in fact also a human being and smell funky sometimes. I remember after taking a six day river trip in Ak my buddies wife picked us up at the pullout and gave him and I a huge hug. We likely smelled awful and were completely immune to it after six days in backcountry isolation. Those two are REAL friends, but I think its a bit deeper than smelly hugs. On my way to the gymnasium I got a text from my bird hunting buddy with instructions to “turn on NPR right now!” I complied and was surprised to hear X being interviewed on WHYY’s Fresh Air. Before even getting to the gym I’d decided myself that, to me, a true is one who appreciates X.


A1. Incline bench 4 sets 8 reps. 115-135-135-135 (set 4 rep 8 was a grinder) rest 1 min

A2. Chins 4 sets amrap. 10-6-6-4

B1. Pushups 3 sets 10 reps rest 1 min

B2. Chinese row x 10 reps. 30lb and I did em two armed instead of single.

B3. zercher reverse lunges x 8 each leg. 75lb (bastards on those last few reps.

C. Ab rollouts 3 sets x 10 reps. These is tough. I strained so hard I gave myself a headache.

Post workout I ordered pizza. After 4 12 hour shifts with 2 still to go my field of fucks grows barren when it comes to food. Stress goes up and nutrition goes to the basement. All I can think about is crushing a large new york style pie covered in sausage, pepperoni and fresh basil. So I indulge.

And it’s delicious.