People don’t like to admit that we want to be told what to do. Except for the wolves that want to set fire to the bullshit and howl! -Bill Smith

When I strolled into the gymnasium LM and Aligator were hanging out and working on mobility. They told me that you know someone is a real friend if they hug you when they are sweaty. This makes good sense, it shows that you’re comfortable with that friend knowing that you are in fact also a human being and smell funky sometimes. I remember after taking a six day river trip in Ak my buddies wife picked us up at the pullout and gave him and I a huge hug. We likely smelled awful and were completely immune to it after six days in backcountry isolation. Those two are REAL friends, but I think its a bit deeper than smelly hugs. On my way to the gymnasium I got a text from my bird hunting buddy with instructions to “turn on NPR right now!” I complied and was surprised to hear X being interviewed on WHYY’s Fresh Air. Before even getting to the gym I’d decided myself that, to me, a true is one who appreciates X.


A1. Incline bench 4 sets 8 reps. 115-135-135-135 (set 4 rep 8 was a grinder) rest 1 min

A2. Chins 4 sets amrap. 10-6-6-4

B1. Pushups 3 sets 10 reps rest 1 min

B2. Chinese row x 10 reps. 30lb and I did em two armed instead of single.

B3. zercher reverse lunges x 8 each leg. 75lb (bastards on those last few reps.

C. Ab rollouts 3 sets x 10 reps. These is tough. I strained so hard I gave myself a headache.

Post workout I ordered pizza. After 4 12 hour shifts with 2 still to go my field of fucks grows barren when it comes to food. Stress goes up and nutrition goes to the basement. All I can think about is crushing a large new york style pie covered in sausage, pepperoni and fresh basil. So I indulge.

And it’s delicious.




2 thoughts on “5/2

    • Thing is I wasn’t the one having the sweaty hug conversation. I’d already decided all my friends should appreciate X. I just happen to agree that if you can hug someone whilst covered in sweat you’re likely pretty comfortable with them.


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