It’s high time to knock the cobwebs off this sumbitch.

Time to get back to work.

Time to go to a globo gym?

That last one smarts a little bit, but I reckon the good ‘ol days are behind us and we must face the music like all the mundane civilians going through motions of what the media and the fat shaming wall tells them is a healthy way to go about things. Independence from this I shall try to maintain.

✔️Step one: find suitable globo gym in which to dirty towels and avoid eye contact with myself in the many mirrors.

✔️Step two: tag along with LM to get the lay of the land and learn proper globo etiquette.

✔️Step three: speak with Colonel Colvin about program goals and status of any injuries.

✔️Step four: go in there solo and ease in to an old workout just to feel things out.

Step five: get some fucking headphones because lady gaga and bon jovi on loop AIN’T GONNA CUT IT!

old (scaled down) workout…

A. incline bench 4 sets 8 reps. Did em at 115lb and it felt really heavy. Embarrassingly heavy.

B. chins 4 sets 4 reps

c1. Pushups x8

Chinese rows x8 ea. 30lbs each arm

Reverse zercher lunges x6 ea. 60lbs bar

Learnings: getting old and taking a break from the gymnasium sucks. Those light weights were heavy and I’m made of jello. Starting weight 183lbs (just for data purposes as we go along)


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