Tuesday 4/25

A. Bench 5×5 135lb rest 1 min

Dumbbell rows. X10 rest 1 min hindsight says I think I blew it and did these upright 2 armed. Was the intention single armed on a bench? I used 47.5lb dumbbells. Why 47.5 you ask? Because there were no other pairs of dumbells in the 40-55lb range. 2.5lb increments? Who does that?

B. Lat pulldown thing 5×10 100lb slow and controlled.

C. Dumbbell fly 4×12 15lb like in the video.

Tried an LA Fitness. Total shitshow. Going back for one more attempt tonight. Finishing the 6th 12 today. Pretty tired.

Weigh in 4/26 pre-coffee 185.5lb

Slayin it…


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