Week of 3/14/16

Monday 3/14

10 min warmup

A. Squat: 5 sets to find 5RM (post video)

B. Press: 5 sets to find 5RM (post video)

C. 3 rounds: 500M row, 400m run, AD 30cal

Wednesday 3/16


Thursday 3/17

10 min warmup

A. Weighted pull-up (post video)

B. Strict pull up ARAP

C. 20 min: farmers carry 100m w/ 1.5 pood each hand, AD 15cal

Saturday 3/19

10 min warmup

A. Bench press: 5 sets to find 5RM

B. Pushups: 1 min AMRAP

B1. BB bicep curls: 4 rounds x12, rest 1 min

B2. Banded triceps push down: x12, rest 1 min

C. 4 rounds 400m run, 40 DU